A piper at a Funeral adds an air of grace and dignity to the occasion that few instruments can match.

It is important that the piper is sensitive to the wishes of the bereaved, hence I am more than willing to play or learn any special tunes and to fit in with your requirements. I can also provide suggestions if required.

I have played at 100s of Funerals, and am regularly employed by Melbourne and Country Victoria Funeral providers, who value my reliability and quality of work.

Depending on the format chosen for the service, I can provide any of the following:

  • Play a selection of suitable tunes as mourners arrive at the chapel.
  • Lead the casket from the hearse into the chapel.
  • Lead the family into the chapel.
  • Play during the reflection or photo presentation.
  • Play during the committal as the casket disappears from view.
  • Lead the family out of the chapel and continue to play as mourners gather outside.

If there is to be a burial:

  • Lead the casket from the chapel to the hearse.
  • Lead the hearse away from the chapel.
  • Lead the hearse to the gravesite at the cemetery.
  • Lead the casket from the hearse to the gravesite.
  • Play during the committal.
  • Play a selection of tunes afterwards, usually at a distance.
The following is a selection of tunes often chosen for a Funeral service:

Abide With Me, Amazing Grace, Caledonia, Danny Boy, Flowers Of The Forest, Gift Of A Thistle, Going Home, Flower Of Scotland, Highland Cathedral, My Home, Mull Of Kintyre, Scotland The Brave, Green Hills Of Tyrol (Scottish Soldier), Oft In The Stilly Night, Scotland The Brave, Skye Boat Song, Sleep Dearie Sleep, The Dark Island, The Day Thou Gavest Lord Is Ended, The Gael, The Mist Covered Mountains, Ye Banks And Braes.

More tunes can be found on my repertoire page.


Piping for a Funeral in Kyneton.

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