My fees are based upon the time required at the venue (excluding getting ready and packing up) and include any amount of piping within that time.

They are also inclusive of travelling costs for within the Melbourne metropolitan area.
  • Up to 15 minutes: $150
  • Up to 30 minutes: $170
  • Up to 1 hour: $200
  • Up to 2 hours: $230
  • Over 2 hours: please contact me for a quote.
My 15 minute option is for short engagements such as Birthdays or Retirements or playing at the start only of a Wedding or Funeral.

If I was needed only at the end of a Wedding or Funeral, I would still need to arrive ahead of time, which would be a 30 minute charge.

Please note there is a $10 surcharge for CBD Parking.

All fees include an optional consultation at our home address to audition tunes demonstrated on the bagpipes and to discuss your requirements. I am also happy to meet at your address if it works in with my travelling schedule. Alternatively you may prefer to organise everything over the phone or via email.


15 years ago, the average fee for a piper was $250, irrespective of how long they were hired for. Due to increasing competition and the fact that this is my job, it was necessary to reduce my fees and to create lower points for shorter time periods. The reality is that I significantly undercharge for what I do in order to create a steady stream of work. You will find other pipers charging even less, however my fees are as low as I will go. I feel that I provide a high level of quality and value given my background. I ask that you bear this in mind when choosing a piper.

Piping at Montsalvat, Eltham.

Ross Bates
0427 181 164 or 0411 168 146

ABN: 24 591 526 576

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