A solo piper at a Wedding is a classic and cost-effective way of providing formal and informal music before, during and after the ceremony.

Without the need for amplification, I am easily able to situate myself in an ideal location relative to the guests and the ceremony.

I am happy to perform at any part of the ceremony and can recommend suitable music if required.

I have played at 100s of Weddings, and will make every effort to make the bagpipes a special part of your day.

I can provide any or all of the following:
  • Play an assortment of tunes prior to the arrival of the Bride.
  • Lead the Bridal car into the Wedding venue.
  • Play for the Processional. This involves piping the Bride and or Bridal Party down the aisle. Piping the Groom down the aisle is also an option. Depending on your preference and or the layout of the venue, I may either lead or play from a static position.
  • Play a medley of suitable tunes during the Signing of the Wedding Register.
  • Play during the Unity Candle or similar ceremony.
  • Play for the Recessional. As with the Processional, I may either lead or play from a static position. The music chosen here is usually more upbeat in nature than what is used earlier in the ceremony.
  • Play another assortment of tunes after the ceremony.
  • Take part in any photographs.
  • At the Reception, lead the Newlyweds to their table.
The following is a typical example of what many couples choose:
  • Play a variety of tunes for 15 minutes as guests arrive.
  • Play Highland Cathedral for the Processional.
  • Play Flower Of Scotland and Skye Boat Song for the Signing.
  • Play Marie's Wedding and Highland Laddie for the Recessional.
  • Play another variety of tunes for 15 minutes afterwards.
  • Take part in photos if requested.
That is just one example and you may wish for for something completely different.

More tunes can be found on my repertoire page.

Piping for a Wedding at Overnewton Castle, Keilor.

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